piano no mori ^__^

heyyy konitsiva konpava evry reader!! ^o^
i just watched (k k it was 2 week ago ^_^;) anime calleed piano no mori (PIANO OF FOREST OR FOREST OF PIANO DUNNO SUM FOREST ENIWAY!!!) it was movie now i decide to rewiev it ^_^ i thing its improtant 2 get more wievers for blog so i write english this time 2 get new viewerz ^_^ (im pretty good english speak and write cuz i see many sub titled anime ^o^)

head charackters amamiya right kai left ^o^head charackters amamiya left kai right ^o^

k this movie tells about this two guys they’re names are kai and amamiya if i remember good ?_? eniway this guy amamiya is like umm moving with he’s mom to some new tovwn? and their he meets this other guy who’s name is kai ^o^ eniway they becum friends and play piano and stuff and met this one other guy who’s famous pianoist i wont spoil more ^o^ (theres sum stuff about maybe magic piano in forest there cum name of anime ^_^)

eniway i liked this anime movie pretty muckh! xD it had pretty child plot so maybe if u only like bloody violence anime you wont like this very muckh ^_^; it got maybe better in end than in begining cuz a bit more adultry plot maybe ^_^ also in end play more piano so good if u like piano :3 also their was some more humor in end but like be4 ending ^o^

also i think their is some yaio boy love between charackters but its not on screen xcept in begining sum ^__^;

i now rewiev this movie with plus and minus:

+ animetion

+ charackters maybe ^o^

+ gay under tones ^O^

– pretty child anime ^_^;

– pretty bad starting ^_^;

it get 3,7 stars out 5 cucumber’s xD xD it was worth watch but maybe not best movie still ^_^; but still have good moments!! :3 also it has manga comick i think  that continue story pretty nice ^__^

PS maybe next time i rewiev in japan xxD

  1. Itchy
    16.02.2009 22:36

    No lol. Kiitos vaan tästä blogista. Opettajakin repes atk tunnilla täysin tolle teinix tekstille ku löydettiin tää blogi kaverin kans. Paras vitsi kyl aikoihin :D

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