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Queen’s Blade episode 2

Have some subs :3

This time no peeing :-(

thumbs :o

thumbs :o

  1. kris
    10.04.2009 16:31

    is it still uncensored ???

  2. 10.04.2009 16:53

    of course :p

  3. Shinigami Grahf
    11.04.2009 03:54

    Could you maybe post an .ass?

  4. 11.04.2009 11:55

    Grahf use the torrent!! ^______^ It is sugoi torrent!! ^___^

    ~Peruna-sama *o*

  5. 11.04.2009 23:57


  6. BlackLightning
    12.04.2009 02:59

    You guys kinda make super awesome subs, There is 24 minutes of pure awesomeness!

  7. BlackLightning
    12.04.2009 03:03

    Wish I didn’t press enter befor I finished, You guys/ girls should get a quality checker to make sure no mistakes get through like all the miss translated parts and the not translated parts in episode, But other than that it is a decent try, Better than rape or the other troll fansubers I guess.

  8. Sylpheride
    12.04.2009 23:21

    I would like to make a formal request to either:
    1. Stop subbing
    2. Get better translators.

    At best, you are able to translate 80% of a episode, althought 90% of this 8/10 episode is translated wrong.
    If your gonna say ”Better to give a bad sub to people that can’t speak Japanese, than nothing” is just a excuse, it should be ”Give them no sub, instead of giving a 1/10 translated episode, thereby missing half the story and warping the other half”

  9. 13.04.2009 01:45

    What are you talking about?? Our subs are very good! Maybe you have downloaded some other group subs ^___^; We translate 100% and I’m pretty sure that (almost) every line is accurate!!


  10. Sylpheride
    13.04.2009 03:16

    I watched Aasasubs not P-Z SUBS sorry! P-Z SUBS are the best subs for Queen’s Blade imho, accurate translation and not a single line is missing.

  11. Dak
    13.04.2009 03:33

    Every line is accurate? I don’t even speak fluent japanese and I could pick out mistakes every other line – not to mention the stuff you didn’t bother to sub..

    I can’t believe you had the nerve to ask for money mid-ep, even jokingly..

    Get some quality checkers :P

  12. Sylpheride
    13.04.2009 14:21

    As before i agree with Dak.

    Besides making a discussion, changing my message too:
    ”I watched Aasasubs not P-Z SUBS sorry! P-Z SUBS are the best subs for Queen’s Blade imho, accurate translation and not a single line is missing.””

    is so childish.

    Your just ruining the anime for the non-japanese speaking fans.

    *For those that didn’t see the previous message: it was just a explanation of why their subs are ruining it for the fans

  13. Eri Kitamura
    14.04.2009 06:54

    yes i agree to slyph.. P-Z SUBS are the worst subs.. i think its better for you guys stop subbing..

  14. Topboy
    15.04.2009 05:33

    I don’t even care its’ good or bad subbed, but if your group can uncensored/subbed it… that will be the best. (All i care is uncensored!!!)

  15. 15.04.2009 07:03

    Yea Topboy we are always uncensored!! ^___^

  16. Sylpheride
    15.04.2009 08:46

    Although they are not the one uncensoring it.
    The RAW is either uncensored or censored.
    So that is nothing to brag about

  17. Kawakami Toshi
    17.04.2009 15:53

    lol, I love it when you jolly fellows change people’s comments. :) Peruna, you win as a translator and Qcer. You should never die, you’re great! Smiley faces? Awesome! :) Aasa subs suck but you guys are PURE WIN!

  18. Kawakami Toshi
    17.04.2009 16:00

    lol, I hate it when you fucktards change people’s comments. Peruna, you fail as a translator and Qcer. You should Fucking die, you fail! Smiley faces? Are you 5?! Aasa subs suck but you guys are even worse! Thanks for changing my other post Sapuli fucker.

  19. Kawakami Toshi
    17.04.2009 16:02

    You guys should fucking die. I’ll take out your eyeball and piss in your eye sockets you sons of bitches. Stop wasting your time with fansubbing cause you fucking fail hard.

  20. Milkman Dan
    18.04.2009 02:37

    Is there really any quality checking? I’m barely a minute into the sub and already there’s stuff like ”I’m not he’s kid anymore.”

  21. Yunior597
    18.04.2009 03:59

    You guys rock your awesome dudes i love you guys great translators!

  22. elbow
    02.05.2009 13:34

    to Yunior597. No… just no. The very limited number of groups that are subbing this, well… you don’t have much to pick from so you probably don’t know what QUALITY translations should look like. I feel sorry for Peruna fansubs, even more so for the people that download their work.

  23. 03.05.2009 03:00

    thanks we like awards ps i didnt understand the rest ?_?

    also we get like 7000 downloads per episode from torrents alone and probably at least a couple thousand more from ddl and streaming sites ^__^

  24. 05.05.2009 15:42

    Sorry about that I was seeing if the tiny 7 pixel image at the top right of the screen was a macro that made it appear eery where. it isn’t though sorry.

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