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Queen’s Blade episode 3

This time we have some Tomoe in a swimsuit and mud wrestling with Reina.




  1. 16.04.2009 19:50


  2. 16.04.2009 20:52

    Yes review is coming tomorrow!! But today we have subs!!

  3. NiggerCock
    16.04.2009 21:10

    Just…Kill yourself, okay?

    fuck’n weaboo.

  4. Nyymi
    16.04.2009 21:14

    Mitä vittua? Jätkät on finfageja :D

  5. Anonynon
    16.04.2009 21:22

    Did you remember to translate EVERYTHING this time or are there still huge chunks of text that leave us guessing what was said?

  6. 16.04.2009 21:24

    nah, everything’s translated. ^_^
    well, except for op and ed.
    we put some effort in this time. ^_____^

  7. BlackLightning
    16.04.2009 21:54

    Well hopefully they got it right this time, It wasn’t to bad last time just siting there watching them talk and no texting poping up sometimes annoyed me,

    I’ll download it later and watch :)

  8. Sup
    17.04.2009 02:09

    Are these episodes censored or are they just skimping on the nudity since ep 1?

  9. hunter
    17.04.2009 04:22

    thanks for this one

  10. 17.04.2009 13:49

    they are uncensored and there’s quite a bit of nudity in episode 3 and a bit less in ep 2. ^__^

  11. FUCK U
    17.04.2009 15:46

    lol you guys suck!?! Even if you put in effort, your effort is just making up translations. You’re translations fail and you should stop fansubbing you fucktards. ;]

  12. 17.04.2009 15:48

    please tell us of any translation errors, we appreciate your input. ^__^
    though I’m pretty sure we actually don’t have any errors this time. ^__^

  13. Anonynon
    17.04.2009 16:29

    You did a much better job with this one, so thumbs up from me. I don’t care about the opening and ending karaoke, all I want are the episode dialogue and the preview at the end.

  14. Topboy
    17.04.2009 21:54

    This time your sub is better than ep2 . If possible fix your mess up sub in ep2 and release ep2 v2.

  15. holger
    18.04.2009 01:03

    Hi, just one question. Which player do i have to use to see the subs? If I open them in WMP there are no subs and I can not open them in VLC. Normaly doesnt have any problems with subs – this is the only one so far making problems. Sorry if it was somewhere written but I can not read this language. Thank you

  16. 18.04.2009 01:12

    use cccp and media player classic. ^_^

  17. BlickWinkel
    19.04.2009 16:32

    Ikasama (cheating), not Rika-sama :facepalm:
    I appreciate your effort, translation is better than in 2 ep but you still have much to learn

  18. 19.04.2009 18:47

    Ok thanks for info BlickWinkel ^_^ Maybe we fix it to the v2!

  19. 21.04.2009 00:20

    Now if you do the OP & ED next time you might be on your way to success.

  20. rubedo
    21.04.2009 03:25

    how come doing OP and ED lead the way to success =)). I’m just happy that they did a good work on ep 3. keep it up guys :)

  21. namlessfan
    23.04.2009 09:03

    alright episode 4 is out…
    Please Don’t let me down guys!

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