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Queen’s Blade 04

Angry Nanael is angry. ^_^;

Angry Nanael is angry. ^_^;

Episode 04 English subbed is up, enjoy. ^o^

  1. Noko
    24.04.2009 00:58

    Thanks for the subs, bro.

  2. Sincro
    24.04.2009 01:28

    You guys are fucking awesome, thanks a bunch!

  3. Kawakami Toshi
    24.04.2009 06:52

    Nice, you guys are getting alot better!

  4. Hissatsu
    24.04.2009 10:37

    If your subs were any worse I’d need to get my eyes cut out & transplanted with mechanical parts but even that wouldn’t suffice, I’d rather cut my dick off than watch your shitty ass subs Peruna, you need to get into a car crash & become paralyzed from the head down then get chrones disease & die in a fire while suffering from syphilis of the mouth, then maybe I’ll be satisfied that you suffered 1% of what people had to watch in Queens blade Ep.1 from your bad fucking jew subs made with half ass backwards cell phone texting. bitch

  5. 24.04.2009 12:05

    glad you enjoyed it ^___^

  6. Konoji
    24.04.2009 23:36

    Hissatsu’s talking out of his ass, these were actually good subs. you guys are da bomb!

  7. hunter
    25.04.2009 03:57

    wow! thanks again for this one

  8. Sincro
    25.04.2009 15:44

    Really nice subs and blog. Love you forever! <3

  9. Balzack
    26.04.2009 09:39

    thanks for the release –
    Are you guys going to realease episode 2 v2 ?

  10. halodude23
    26.04.2009 18:38

    dude this is funny you screwed with the subs .. LOL

  11. 26.04.2009 22:27

    download russian subs for episode 1 and 2 if you don’t like ours ^__^

    we probably won’t bother to re-release stuff.

  12. Terry
    01.05.2009 02:59

    Thanks for the releases.
    Don’t worry, I think you guys are improving :)

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