Queen’s Blade 5

It’s all released and shit and I won’t bother to even take a screenshot, grab it here anyway: http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=61896


wait, took a screenie anyway, have a nanael ^__^

  1. Anonynon
    02.05.2009 02:40

    You guys have done a decent job with episodes 3 and 4, hoping for the same quality with this one.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. hottot
    02.05.2009 13:22

    Possibly one of the worst subs out there. I’m better off trying to read lips with the raws then have to view these crappy translations!

  3. Roger
    02.05.2009 13:27

    do it faggot

    thanks for the subs, it would be nice to have a direct download(megaupload)

  4. CLAW
    02.05.2009 14:28

    Hey these subs are great so stop complaining. If you don’t like them, make better ones. (If you dare.)

  5. hunter
    03.05.2009 06:11


  6. Terry
    07.05.2009 06:20

    Thanks for your work guys, looking forward to episode 6

  7. Yunior597
    08.05.2009 03:21

    Hello, great job. thanks a lot.

  8. Sabishii Kouen
    02.12.2009 22:51

    Megaupload link doesn’t work.

  9. 02.12.2009 22:59
  10. Sabishii Kouen
    02.12.2009 23:01

    For some reason the site spazzed, and I thought that this was season 2, it was showing this and some old shit X_x instead of the newest shit lol

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