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OMFG QB 07 SUBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. baklovah
    17.05.2009 18:39

    Well it’s about DAMN time!

  2. 17.05.2009 18:45

    still faster than sfw or whatever ^__^

    though those guys just seem to copy other groups’ translations, no way they’d ever release anything first.

  3. Hynkel
    17.05.2009 19:11

    Considering they have few shows nobody else is subbing the ”stealing” is pretty much off the table.

  4. 17.05.2009 19:22

    I didn’t say stealing, just copying. it certainly raises some suspicions when their subs always suddenly appear a day or so after ours and anonymousubs’ and are delayed when ours are too.

    about the other series they’re subbing, dunno. I don’t watch em.

  5. 17.05.2009 19:39

    to add to that, they also seem to have an unnatural interest in our subs, they even came here to whine about our episode 7 being delayed even though it should be none of their effin’ business, yo.

    maybe they’re just slow whiny kids with assburger’s, though.

  6. Terry
    17.05.2009 20:37

    Thanks gaiz! Nanel is so cute.

  7. Toiski
    17.05.2009 23:57

    Vähäx söpöö juu niinq kawaii niinqu nipponilaiset sanoo.

    Srsly, QB on ihan samaa kastia ku joku Dungeons & Dragons leffa. Se on ihan lostava parodia omasta lajityypistään, joskin vahingossa…

  8. waffo
    18.05.2009 00:57

    We ’copy’ your subs only because we don’t have any timers/translators atm.

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