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Queen’s Blade episode 10 subbed

QB 10



Here's ur Nanael pic, Yunior!!!

Here's your Nanael pic, Yunior!!!

  1. 06.06.2009 20:06

    Arvostan tätä suuresti. Lisää hunnuttomia hutsuja!!

  2. Terry
    06.06.2009 21:35

    Thanks for the release!

  3. Yunior597
    06.06.2009 21:45

    Where is nanael picture? I want another nanael picture!

    Anyway thanks for the subs.

  4. Yunior597
    07.06.2009 07:28

    Wow thanks a lot you guys have improved a lot since ep.3

  5. foeevaddr
    08.06.2009 02:11

    how come the subtitles dont show up properly? this happens to your episodes; 3, 8, and 10. your other episodes shows the subtitles except those three.

    you can enable it in VLC player but the way VLC player does subtitles is wrong (overlapping and whatnot). i have th CCCP codec pack of 9-21-2008.

  6. 08.06.2009 13:15

    foeevaddr: I just updated my CCCP to that version and reseted to default settings and I didn’t have any problems with any of our subs.

    One thing you could try is to right-click DirectVobSub trayicon (green arrow pointing up) when playing our QB release on MPC and check if the subtitles are enabled. (Options ’show subtitles’ and ’S: [Undetermined]’ should be checked)

  7. foeevaddr
    08.06.2009 19:58

    i reseted to default settings on the CCCP and now it shows the subtitles. thanks man.

    i hate to use VLC player as a alternative to display subtitles. they always overlap the current subtitle when two people talk. thanks again and keep up the good job on queen’s blade!

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