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Queen’s Blade 12

Last Queen’s Blade Season 1 episode, kinda sad :'(.



readin nanael is luv <3

readin nanael is luv <3

see ya

at season2



i just wish i could be nanael’s book ;_;
  1. darky-san
    20.06.2009 19:32

    thankyou guys for all the hard work

  2. Terry
    20.06.2009 22:50

    Thanks guys, I hope you’ll be doing season 2 also :)

    PS: the part where Nanael put the barrier thing and is saying everyone’s name, what you did there was hilarious. I lol’d!

  3. Anon
  4. Nimiwa
    21.06.2009 00:54

    ”SFW So Fukkan sloW XDDDDDDD”
    OH SNAP SON! You got ’em that time, bro.

  5. SFW
    22.06.2009 00:05

    You guys are awesome and should feel awesome. Hope you’ll do season 2 too!

  6. ..I..
    22.06.2009 01:08 better go get a life suckers. i know it will be deleted so once again… go fuck yourselves.

    • 22.06.2009 01:51

      Maybe you’re the one who should get a life, trolling is kinda stupid and pointless….

  7. 22.06.2009 14:50

    I just like your subs :)

  8. Skeith
    22.06.2009 23:28

    Really thanks for subbing all the time but what the hell did you do around the 10th-13th minute?

    Theres a lot of rubbish, maybe you wanted to prevent others from stealing your subs but some parts are pretty extreme.
    Like 12:32 there is this TL Note that she speaks russian and says cheers mate…

    What she says is proper standart japanese, a phrase that you hear in nearly every anime at least 6 times and translates out to ”of course” or ”naturally”…

    Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be a complaint, it just… overwhelmed me while watching.

  9. Terry
    25.06.2009 21:14

    Will you also sub the specials?
    there was a special RAW released today

  10. 27.06.2009 02:14


    Also, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually released yet, the torrent at TT was dead at least ^__^;

  11. Terry
    27.06.2009 08:51

    Really? It worked for me when I downloaded it :

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