!!!!! FANSUBBING [P-Z SUBS] !!!!! ^o^


konnichiwaa anime fanz!! ^__^ sapuli and peruna has this fan subbing thing going on! ^___^ we sub quality anime like queen’s blade *o* u can comment our SUBS HERE !! O___O ALL SUBBING INFO is HERE!! :-* c


Queen’s Blade COMPLETE! ^_____^

Queen’s Blade HD BLU-RAY VERSIONS!! ok dunno maybe some

Queen’s Blade 2nd season COMPLETE!






2nd season:

lol search tokyotosho

1st season:

Ep12 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=21LTQ09H
Ep11 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L1CMCCHG
Ep10 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A73DPIAC
Ep9 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4B70LRUH
Ep8 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CVSW8KUJ
Ep7 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P3D55DCA
Ep6 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RG5KUTC8
Ep5 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EH4QJ2F5
Ep4 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7FCWF03S
Ep3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ABABXCTB

mu links by anon, thx ^_^;

  1. 07.04.2009 16:21

    yes p-z subs are rily awesume!! ^O^

  2. xekexung
    23.04.2009 20:41

    Mushi Mushi,

    I have converted the nice pic of Mio to a 768×1360 wallpaper … I thought y’all, [Y’all is a southern usa colloquialism meaning you all], might like a copy of it send me an email address for y’all and I’ll email the pic. I also am starting ”Xeke Xung’s Blog” and I will try to post it there also.

    See ya …

    P.S. please put a English toggle on your blog My langaue skills are …. Well, frankly, they suck .. I have put ”Learning Japanese” on my ”list on things to do” (LOTTD) but so far well, I have problems with English, French (Cajun), Gaelic (Scott/Irish Traveler) and Seminole/Cherokee and they’re my native languages. Yes I’m a ”Half Breed,” on both sides of my family for several generations back and proud of it.

  3. Anonymous
    02.05.2009 11:17

    Megaupload link for Episode 5…


  4. star_oc
    03.05.2009 08:51

    thank u for fansubbing…=>

  5. star_oc
    03.05.2009 11:06

    torrent for eps 1?ppplllllzzzzzzz……..

  6. joku
    03.05.2009 17:45

    Moi pottupää

  7. Anonymous
    09.05.2009 00:14

    Megaupload link for Episode 6…


  8. 09.05.2009 01:39

    added, ty ^^

  9. FAN
    17.05.2009 18:36

    Do you guys sub something else after QB?

  10. Anonymous
    17.05.2009 20:37

    Megaupload link for Episode 7…


  11. 17.05.2009 20:48

    added, ty ^_^

  12. Three Hawks
    21.05.2009 21:25

    Queens Blade is copyrighted, even in the united states. Media Factory is on a crusade against fansubbing, just so you know. I just got a copyright infringement notification from mediacom.

  13. 21.05.2009 22:19

    Three Hawks : we don’t live in US. We live in a free country. ^_^

  14. Anonymous
    23.05.2009 10:42

    Megaupload link for Episode 8…


  15. cloudkane
    01.06.2009 19:07

    when is ep 9 of queensblade comeing out

  16. 01.06.2009 22:57

    We don’t know because our main translator is sick atm. :’-(

  17. cloudkane
    02.06.2009 01:29

    oh ok i just wondering cause you usually get it out during the weekend

  18. omglolkawaiisubdesu
    02.06.2009 15:03

    you rlz so prkl much i lurve you alllllllll

    arvosteluja lisääääääää

  19. 05.06.2009 00:40


  20. Anonymous
    06.06.2009 18:48

    Megaupload link for Episode 10…


  21. Anon
    12.06.2009 23:37

    Megaupload link for Ep11


  22. Sabishii Kouen
    16.06.2009 05:40

    I got THREE of those copyright letters from my ISP (cablevision), I really want to watch Queen’s Blade, but I don’t want to lose my internet, phone, AND phone (since they provide all three).

  23. 16.06.2009 13:50

    Sabishii Kouen: Use megaupload links ^_^

  24. Sabishii Kouen
    17.06.2009 18:47

    They can’t catch me if I megaupload? Because they sorta have me scared, didn’t expect to get letters (ever) over something silly like an anime that hasn’t even been licensed (and may never will, seeing how much QB is like softcore porn) xD

  25. 17.06.2009 19:22

    Yes! You can download from megaupload and they won’t know it! It’s so awesome and cool oh yeah!!

  26. cloudkane
    21.06.2009 04:51

    really internet companies at most can only control your donwload speed never heard of a internet provider being able to stop you form downloading lol

  27. Nimetön
    13.07.2009 20:50


  28. Nimetön
    13.07.2009 21:27

    PZ-Subs are totally awesome and SFW sucks cock roflmao!!

  29. Nimetön
    13.07.2009 21:28

    I love you guys! !

  30. Nimetön
    13.07.2009 21:29


  31. Nimetön
    16.07.2009 20:20


  32. cipher
    26.08.2009 17:37

    episode 4 link broken…megaupload seems to have deleted it

  33. 26.08.2009 18:38

    Seems so. all the links should work now. ^__^

  34. 28.08.2009 10:23

    Eikö teit hävetä, että vedätte puheitanne CAPS LOCKILLA!!!!!!! ääliömäisesti heitellen vittuja joka puolelle niinku 12 vuotias teini?

  35. 28.08.2009 12:32

    MÄ En HÄPEE pitää bloggii Q C o givvaa ^_______^

  36. 29.09.2009 13:02

    Hello all good people,
    I hope here to read and learn from your life experiences.
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  37. Alex
    08.11.2009 04:53

    No more Queens Blade? T_T

  38. Anonymous
    08.11.2009 18:08

    Please sub QB, SFW is just horrible.

  39. 16.11.2009 13:13

    Peruna so ”lazy”

  40. Go Back to the kindergarten
    19.11.2009 19:39

    You must be f*cking kidding me… I really hope for all in Finland who likes anime and manga that this is a damn bad joke. Even my 10 years old sister makes better subtitle-translations than you… Everything written with CAPS LOCK, everywhere just ”Ihq”… and your age was? 12? If I can trust Aniki. For crying out loud, you better hope I won’t meet you. Like, ever.

  41. 19.11.2009 19:46

    u hope u dont meet me I BEAT U UP HARD ^__^; i am karate master black belt ur just noob baka ^__^;;;;

  42. Pétalo
    04.01.2010 17:09

    Megaupload link for QB S2-Ep2:


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    07.01.2010 05:28

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  47. anonymous
    13.12.2010 07:57

    Honestly…the worst subs I have seen. Not trying to be mean, but could you actually type out your subtitles in full, complete sentences rather than being garbled attempts at 1337 sp33k?

    I’m 10 times more likely to watch something that has good subtitles in full sentences rather than ”sumtin dat luks liek dis”….


  48. 25.04.2011 14:59

    ”Anime lähtee lapsesta hakkaamalla.”

    10.06.2011 01:51

    Go back to kindergarden if you can not do it right,

  50. pena
    17.06.2011 02:37

    I VAtsheED yo~r shakugan no shana s episode 2 it vos BeST sUBS that watched ever ! alMOST i undress-tanded it. it was easy nippon bekauce. ^0^ (smiley melkein oma keksimä) please keep May-KING more sUBS then i rofl be able to. please also SUB iN fiNish also ne~!!
    ps. (pronounced ”pee ass”) u r great, i novv have laaFT better than in many weaks at YoUr subs
    (PSS. To all wnb serious guys: I’m actually not a retard, I know how to write English. I just happen to love the subs and this site. I think that you should also relax and realize the awesomeness of the subs. ^o^)

  51. 04.12.2011 16:38

    Hahaha.. Opetelkaa kirjoittaa SUOMEA ja JAPANIA

    p.s olen täällä koska on hauska nauraa teijän kirjoitukselle >:D

  52. 04.12.2011 16:40

    Hahaha.. Opetelkaa kirjoittamaa SUOMEA ja JAPANIA!

    P.s OLEN TÄÄLLÄ KOSKA ON HAUSKA LUKEA TEIDÄN KIRJOITUKSIA KUN ETTE OSAA KIRJOITTAA sori caps koska en jaksa nytt kirjoittaa uudestaan pienelle :P

  53. 18.12.2011 03:12

    kyl kusee noi kommentti jutut ku tuli vahingos kaks :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  54. WubDub
    18.12.2011 19:53

    Will Sunred Specials 3-4 be translated?

  55. 19.12.2011 17:18

    Vittu :

    kyl kusee noi kommentti jutut ku tuli vahingos kaks :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    noku meet filteriin ku mailiosottees on pornosivu ja tuplapostaat :PPPPPPPPPPPP

  56. 19.12.2011 17:19

    WubDub :

    Will Sunred Specials 3-4 be translated?

    done, hope you enjoy :)

  57. 24.09.2012 23:35

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  58. Kira Tsukasa
    10.02.2013 20:59

    Your subs are a joke. They’re an insult to subbers and viewers alike. If you can’t do it properly, you shouldn’t do it at all.

  59. CharlesHen
    16.03.2019 19:01

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