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Queen’s Blade 01 HD!!



Another pic is from our new HD rls and the another from SFW ep 1, see the difference ^__^ Nanael <3

Another pic is from our new HD rls and the another is from SFW ep 1, see the difference ^__^ Nanael <3

  1. blinx01
    28.06.2009 01:25

    Any imporvements to the actual translation of is the BD the only draw?

  2. joe
    28.06.2009 02:09

    YES VERY MUCH!! 41% (91 votes)
    feedback bar
    YES I LOVE THEM!!! 23% (51 votes)
    feedback bar
    LOL THEY R LIEK 100 TIEMS BETTER THAN LIEK SFW!! ^__^ 35% (78 votes)

    where the hell is the they fucking suck choice?

  3. 28.06.2009 02:13

    Yes we have version 2 translation also!!

  4. taco-san
    28.06.2009 02:48

    Any chance of getting a direct download link? Like from megaupload or something? Would really appreciate it.

  5. 28.06.2009 03:01

    please do the queen blade ova’s that come with each dvd, bd volume!!! ^__^

  6. Pisces
    28.06.2009 03:41

    Translation & karaoke for OP and ED ???

  7. otokow
    28.06.2009 06:08

    please remember
    fansubbing is for fun
    not for war!

  8. kris
    28.06.2009 07:07

    WTA, when season 2 airing ?

  9. Kabuto
    28.06.2009 07:26

    Looks good. Is there something with the audio? It sounds weird like it is a mono mix. Not like my AT-X ep1.

  10. 28.06.2009 12:44

    @taco-san&jose: maybe later ^_^
    @Pisces: There isn’t any singing in ep 1 ^_^;
    @kris: This is season 1 blu-ray version ^_^
    @Kabuto: I didn’t find anything strange in the audio.

  11. Pisces
    28.06.2009 13:30

    I hope next episodes at least translation/romanization for OP/ED songs. Better, if karaoked. And, my hope this blu-ray version is consistent to last episode.

    Thanks, P-Z.

  12. 28.06.2009 15:08

    There was no OP song. The ending song was instrumental. There were absolutely no lyrics to translate. ^_^;

  13. Roger
    28.06.2009 15:15

    huge improvement – I’ve found dvd releases to be little different from the TV version but this is like watching a new show

  14. Kabuto
    28.06.2009 18:51

    Peruna-sama: There is something going on. I also tried listening to it on my Linux desktop both with my Sure 210 headphones. I download the FAP version and there is a difference. Mainly in the stereo separation. The vorbis file sounds very ”flat”. @ about 0:13 sec mark the backgrounds sound is supposed to travel from left ear to right. On FAP ver it is noticable but barely noticable on PZ ver.

  15. Anon
    02.07.2009 09:23

    Megupload links for BDRip Ep01 and Ep02


  16. P-Z rocks ass
    07.07.2009 14:24

    thanks for subbing, ur awesome

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